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Science is hard and the most impactful discoveries are made by teams, not individuals. We believe in doing research with integrity, respect, and unity.

We are a diverse group of individuals with unique talents and life stories. We believe in open and honest communication, empathy for our fellow labmates, and personal responsibility for our own progress.


Experiments will fail, people will make mistakes, sometimes we are just unlucky. We celebrate each of our successes and failures together, so that we may emerge stronger and more confident on the other side.

Ray Dalio, from Joseph Campbell

Institute for Systems Biology



First-principles, hypothesis-driven studies are important for mechanistic understanding into biological phenomena, but rate-limited by experimental throughput and analysis. Recent advances in machine learning and biomedical data science are equipped to handle the increasingly large biomedical and clinical datasets being generated, but are unable to provide causal mechanistic understanding on their own. Mechanistic understanding is important for the rational design of next-generation therapeutics. 

Systems biology is a multidisciplinary discipline that brings together tools and concepts from diverse fields to tackle challenges in biology that are too complex for traditional reductionist approaches. We bring together advanced experimental and computational techniques to drive the rapid discovery of molecular mechanisms that can enable clinical translation.



MISSION: to do work that is impactful, using techniques that are innovative, unlocking therapies that are inspired.

VISION: to lead in the development of systems biology approaches that can rapidly discover disease mechanisms from clinical samples and enable precision medicine for chronic and infectious diseases.

GOAL: to cure the two most lethal communicable and non-communicable diseases of our generation: tuberculosis and cardiovascular disease.

Watchara Khamphonsaeng

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