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  • November 2 - Our manuscript entitled "An in vitro model of the macrophage-endothelial interface to characterize CAR T-cell induced cytokine storm" is published at Sci Rep.

  • October 18 - Our manuscript entitled "KatG catalase deficiency confers bedaquiline hyper-susceptibility to isoniaizid resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis" is available as a preprint at bioRxiv.

  • October 3 - Our manuscript entitled "YlaN is an iron(II) binding protein that functions to relieve Fur-mediated repression of gene expression in Staphylococcus aureus" is available as a preprint at bioRxiv.

  • September 9 - Our administrative supplement to our grant "Bacterial and Host Heterogeneity in TB latency, persistence and progression" is funded by NIH / NIAID under award U19 AI162598!

  • March 23 - Our collaborative work with NASA is now published at Nat Mach Intel:





  • July 1 - Dr. Yang shares some advice on socializing during the COVID-19 pandemic with Rutgers Today.

  • June 11 - Dr. Yang presents to the Rice University Frontiers in Bioengineering webinar series.

  • April 29 - Dr. Yang presents a webinar for Biolog, Inc.

  • March 23 - Our grant entitled "Effects of Host Metabolic Variation on Antibiotic Susceptibility" is funded by NIH NIGMS under award R00 GM118907!

  • March 20 - Our grant entitled "Genetic, Metabolic, and Regulatory Control of MIC and Relapse in M. tuberculosis" is funded by NIH NIAID under award R01 AI146194!

  • January 21 - Dr. Yang presents at the Digitalization and Infectious Diseases Conference in Basel, Switzerland.


  • December 1 - The Yang Systems Biology Lab officially opens at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School!

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